Unsaid @ Work Podcast

Unsaid @ Work Podcast


Unsaid @ Work is a leadership and career themed podcast for career professionals designed to help navigate career, leadership and workplace culture.

The host is Catherine Stagg-Macey, a certified executive and team coach. She’s been coaching for 10 years working with mid to senior professionals wanting to grow as leaders. Before that, she worked in consulting and tech for 20 years in a variety of leadership roles.

Each episode offers tools, advice, perspective and stories either through an interview format or through Catherine’s own experience of 20 years of corporate leadership and 10 years as an executive and team coach.

The podcast is the ‘fly-on-the-wall’ of conversations that people would love to listen in on, going to the edge of our comfort zone and knowledge.


As part of ongoing activity, Catherine asked Sway PR to support her in developing a brand tone of voice as well as creating a three-month media relations campaign to promote her podcast.

A two-strand approach was decided upon, whereby Sway PR would proactively work with Catherine to create stories that would engage the media based on trends within the business news sector. An example of this was explaining how AI could be an asset to the workplace when incorporated correctly by business leaders and providing tips on best practice.

The second strand of PR activity was more reactive, responding to media covering topical news stories and pitching Catherine’s expert comments.


Sway PR developed innovative concepts to attract and engage with business, consumer and national UK media organisations pitching Catherine as a leadership coaching expert who was able to provide comment on a number of topics.

The three-month campaign reached an audience of 9.1million and included coverage that was picked up by MSN and Yahoo News – two of the biggest news websites worldwide.

The Yorkshire Post featured Catherine’s stories twice in their business section and they invited her to become a monthly columnist for both their online and in print news outlets.

  • Project Title Unsaid @ Work Podcast
  • Category B2B
  • Client Details Catherine Stagg-Macey
  • Project Link https://open.spotify.com/show/4l44pCjVxAigiEwBvLp8oB
  • Project Type Media relations