The beauty of Britain is in its diversity. If you ask a thousand people, you may well get a thousand different answers as to what makes them feel British. In reality, everyone has their own way of expressing their Britishness.

As a business however, I believe we look on “Britishness” differently, and any business based in the UK has the chance to draw from “Brand Britain”.

But what is “Brand Britain”? Good question …

To the rest of the world I believe Britain is seen as a country of quality, craftsmanship, ingenuity and heritage. Yet it is much more complex than that as it also has a sense of being grounded and solid, yet with an element of charisma and integrity – all of which are powerful and positive values to align with a business.

I saw a piece of research this week that said “91% of people agree that Britishness is important to their Brand DNA” – that’s a pretty overwhelming majority.

Will the world’s view of Brand Britain change as we move into a post COVID, post BREXIT world? Possibly, however the substance of our British Values will remain.

What is for certain in my mind, is that businesses across the UK should be identifying and celebrating their British roots and integrating them into their marketing!

Now is the time to harness that Brutishness folks!