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2024 PR trends – our predictions

By Mark Hayward

There are some things that will remain constant when it comes to the benefits of PR for companies, regardless of industry, market or audience they’re looking to reach.

 Content will always be king, storytelling will always help engage an audience, and quality media coverage will always add credibility to a brand.

However, 2024 brings a new era of technology and an evolution in the way we as consumers process and engage with PR content.

Here a just a few of our thoughts on the changes ahead.

AI and technology

Earlier this year, just to test out how AI might produce PR content, I asked ChatGPT to write a press release that we had recently distributed.

I think our jobs are safe!

The press release it produced was possibly the worst piece of PR writing I’d ever come across.

Journalism and PR is more an art than a science. There is a process you go through, yet the ability to drive quality content is still a very human and creative expression. Something that will always remain in the hands of a human.

Where AI can add value for PR professionals in 2024, is not to mimic human creativity but to support research, to streamline tasks, to free up more of our PR consultants’ time to be able to refine and develop quality narratives – the part of PR where human involvement remains key.

Emotion, personality and empathy

In my humble opinion, people have always bought from people.

Any company, brand and consultant, regardless of industry, needs to show their human side through its communication. The need to show personality, to open up and engage with emotion, and most importantly show empathy through communication, is something businesses should look to achieve in 2024.

In sales, you are always taught to sell the benefits of a product rather than the features. This means you talk about how a product or service will help solve a problem rather than the practicalities of what it does.

I’d argue we need to take this a step further.

Consumers want to know how a product makes us feel, emphasising and addressing the problems and challenges people are facing today. This means that you need to talk on a more personal level to your audience, which will achieve a much greater level of connection.

I therefore believe 2024 is the year to show a greater level of corporate empathy and personality.

Building trust and credibility

Trust has always been something that is earned, not demanded or dictated.

Whether individually or as a company, to build trust we must consistently deliver on our promises, on time and meeting (if not exceeding) the expectations we have laid out.

I believe that trust is one of the fundamental pillars of business success. Without trust and credibility, a business will have a short shelf life.

Alongside visibility, one of the core benefits resulting from good quality media relations activities is enhanced trust and credibility for a business or brand.

So businesses that harness the power and benefits of PR will be well placed for long term, sustainable growth.

Sustainability and the environment

Over recent years, consumers have been gravitating towards sustainably focused brands. A trend that I believe will continue.

Businesses with a genuine focus on delivering a sustainable, environmentally and socially sound business model will be well placed for success in 2024.

Consumers are also more savvy, and in many ways more sceptical, of environmental claims made by companies.

Issues with greenwashing and false or inaccurate claims, have meant that it is vital for companies to 100% walk-the-walk and be able to prove their commitment to sustainable business practises across their organisation.

Industry accreditation and research data proving a business’ commitment to doing the right thing will become ever more important, and articulating that narrative through PR will reaffirm that commitment to the consumer.

Any brands, businesses or individuals keen to hear how PR can help add credibility and raise visibility, contact us and will set up a call to find out more about what you’re looking to achieve.