2022 review of Precision Fuel and Hydration

Raising awareness of the “sweat experts” to educate athletes about hydration.

It has been a bumper year for multinational sports nutrition brand Precision Fuel & Hydration.

Having developed a unique concept in which we invited some of the world’s leading sports journalists to literally sweat for several hours in 2021, its popularity among media couldn’t be ignored.

Granted, the idea is slightly more complex and nuanced: We invited journalists from the UK’s biggest media outlets to train in a heat chamber at the Porsche Human Performance centre – one of the UK’s leading sports science labs – to experience the unique heat challenges faced by footballers playing in Qatar.

It was a huge success, with Sky Sports News, BBC News, The Times, Daily Mail and renowned international news agencies Reuters and PA Media chosen from an impressive list of hopefuls to attend.

The popularity of the event led to an entire year of media days focused on major sporting events where heat is a factor.

Throughout 2022, we have worked with titles including ESPN, Business Insider, Sky Sports News, Daily Mail and The Times (again), The Athletic, Daily Telegraph and Daily Mirror to take part in a range of sporting and physical tests.

It helped us secure 41 pieces of top-tier articles in some of the world’s most-read and respected platforms. The estimated global audience reach was 1 billion.

The results

A selection of coverage

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