2022 review of ACME Whistles

Launching #INSPIRE, an RFU / ACME Whistles collaboration to attract 500 more female referees into the sport by the end of 2024

It might not come a s a surprise to hear that we love sport, so when we had the chance to partner with the Rugby Football Union (RFU) alongside our client ACME Whistles – we jumped at it.

The RFU was tasked with attracting 500 more female referees into the sport by the end of 2024. A huge undertaking, that required a hero moment to launch the campaign.

Linking with our good friends at RUCK.co.uk, we designed a campaign to find and celebrate 50 inspiring female referee stories from around England and gather them all at the home of Rugby (Twickenham) ahead of one of 2022’s highlight autumn internationals.

The stage was literally set, and the incredible female referees stories started flooding in!

The resulting media interest generated over 105 pieces of TV, radio, print and online articles reaching a massive 29 million people.

The  PR activities reached across the country from the East Midlands, to Essex; Devon to Guernsey – inspiring other women to take up the whistle.

The results

A selection of coverage

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