Increase awareness

Giving your brand a platform to tell the world about your business, product or event.

Enhance reputation

Creating a clear communications strategy that works with wider marketing functions to achieve your goals.

Commercial success

Create and implement a measurable communications plan that helps you achieve your business objectives and commercial aspirations.

We specialise in

We work with ethical companies that add value to our lives, giving them a platform to create global awareness through quality news, reviews and features in the media.


Educating a health conscious audience about the benefits of nutrition and wellness brands and products.


Helping sports brands, events and athletes reach a wider audience, create engagement and sell more.


Supporting biotech companies working on new treatments positioning them for future investment and engagement from the medical community.

Mark Hayward, Sway PR managing director



Giving travel companies a global platform to promote exciting travel experiences through the media to sell more.


Putting a spotlight on luxury brands to set them apart from their competition in an affluent and discerning market.


Giving readers a taste of the food and drink industry through targeted media coverage and influencer marketing to position brands and sell more.

Build awareness and credibility today

Contact our team to better understand how quality news articles in newspapers; interviews on radio and TV; and reviews and features online can take your business to the next level.


Public relations that works

Sway PR gives brands that enhance our lives a platform to shout about their products, services or events.

We do this through meaningful articles in newspapers, online, on TV and radio shows, delivered by a senior team that is focussed on helping our clients achieve their business goals.

Meet the team

We are proud to be working with the best in the business. All our consultants are experienced at delivering quality PR campaigns, with a minimum of 10 years PR and journalism behind them to back it up.

Getting started

How do you start working with Sway PR?


We want to find out as much as we can about you and what you want to achieve. The clearer you can be, the better the strategy we can create.


Let us know your budget. Even if it’s a range – this will help us to focus on the scale and speed of the campaign.


Our team will develop a strategy and PR plan. This gives us a blueprint for the campaign with built-in flexibility.


We implement the first six months of the campaign, measuring and reviewing media articles and their impact.

Working with Sway PR.

We pride ourselves on honesty, transparency and quality. Here are a few questions we frequently get asked, however we are always on the end of the phone if you want to ask us anything further.

We will create a communications strategy to help you achieve your business goals. Whether to educate, add credibility or create awareness of your brand – we can help.

The experienced team at Sway PR will then work with the media to generate engaging news, features, interviews and reviews in newspapers, on websites, on radio and TV programmes.

Sway PR measures campaigns in two ways.

Firstly we measure the media coverage generated for a campaign reporting on a variety of media metrics covering the reach, quality and interactions with the news articles generated.

The second campaign measurement covers the impact of that media coverage on the business goals. We therefore work with our clients to understand which articles have had the biggest impact. This not only measures the value of the PR, but also shapes future strategies and plans.

The cost of PR varies depending on the scale of the campaign, size of the market, and how quickly a brand wants to make an impact.

We create a proactive plan based on our agency day rate – resulting in a recommended budget.

Although we have created campaigns for budgets as little as £1000 per month, we recommend that clients should consider budgeting £2000 or more per month to create real impact.

PR is as much an art as it is a science. We aim to drive coverage in the first month for digital campaigns, however the speed of results can depend on the strategy and market.

At Sway PR we recommend that clients commit to an initial six-month campaign after which we can measure the coverage generated and the impact that coverage has had.

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Learn from the team

We are proud to give back to not only to the brands we work with, but the wider sales and marketing community. Join us here to find out our thoughts on the latest issues affecting the world of PR, journalism and marketing.
We are delighted to announce that Sway PR has been recognised by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations at the 2023 CIPR PRide Awards for the 'Nine and a half years is too long!' campaign on behalf of our client Bipolar UK.